How To Choose Hosting For The Site?

How To Choose Hosting For The Site?

Choice of hosting for the site is very essential aspect, which influences on further development and destiny of all project. Hosting represents service about site’s allocation on server, which works day and night. The more stable the server works and more power it has, better and faster your site will work. The choice of hosting for the site can be compared with the purchase of flat. If it is good then you will find it enjoyable for living. In this case, domain is the street of your house in millionth city: if this street is famous then it will be much easier to find it.

The number of problems increases with the decline of hosting’s quality. Troubles and errors occur, which negatively influence on development of site and irritate visitors. If these troubles become regular then you should think about the change of hosting. However, whatever hosting you will choose, even if it is the best one, it is not insured from errors, DDOS-attacks and other problems. Your task is to choose the best one from the worst.

Is It Any Sense In Free of Charge Hosting?

The obvious answer is “no, it is not”. If you decided to create serious site then you should spend money and purchase hosting. Remember about such proverb “there is no such thing as a free lunch”. All has its price, which will have to pay in one form or another. The main disadvantages of free of charge hostings are:

  • Required and intrusive advertisement. Free services have to be paid off. Hence, every hoster earns how he can. Therefore, if the advertisement of hosting itself appears in your blog about the creation of sites, do not be perturbed but humble and turn off for separate charge.
  • Low level of authorized load. Your talent of creative has attracted readers. A few persons started to go directly in your website and you receive the message that load exceeds acceptable and you will be offered to digress on rental tariff.
  • Offensive technical support. This is the most annoying in free of charge hosting. Actually, technical support has to work 24 hours in a day and be operative. In case of free of charge hosting, you will wait until answer when the problem will not be actual anymore.
  • Other deception. Owners of free of charge hosting create many “schticks” in order to lure the clients. Somewhere it is found that hosting is free only during the first year and after that you will pay three times as much. Somewhere your site can be “infected” with virus doing spam.
  • Free domains. Whatever hosting you will choose, never use the bonus “free domain”.

Advices About The Right Selection of Hosting For The Newbie

If you choose hosting for the first time, pay attention on the next advices:

  • Figure out with the quantity of information, which you want to make available on the site and the number of sites, which you need for it. Determine acceptable financial costs and pick a few variants. It is clear that you should not choose expensive hosting the first time. Hence, examine, where you can place the site at a moderate price.
  • Find out the location of server. It is considered that the most reliable servers are situated in America or Europe. Actually, the site loads quicker if the servers are located next to the visitor of site.
  • Learn the cost of all service package. Companies very often offer cheap initial tariff and then gradually increase it.
  • Deciding the question of hosting’s choice for the site, stop on such hosting, where modern content management systems work without problem. Their operation is provided by the support of programming language PHP or MySQL.
  • At first, test the hosting. Majority of hostings offer free of charge period of testing. One may evaluate efficiency of technical support, usability of control and speed of operation during the period of testing. Ask technical support to port your site on new hosting. Good hosting-provider always performs the work qualitatively and in time. If you are not comfortable with service of one hosting, you can easily look for another one.
  • Technical support should answer quickly (during several hours), work 24 hours a day and without weekend. It should also be professional and polite. Pay attention on the ways of communication with it. Such ways should include not only e-mail, but also social networks, such as Facebook, Skype and so on.
  • Learn the reviews. It is universal rule for any beginnings. You can make a full impression just reading various sources. People are ready to share with experience and knowledge about the selection of good hosting.
  • Do not pay for the hosting at once on an entire term. It may turn out to be impossible to pay back if the service does not satisfy you. Payment of hosting may consist of tariffs on days. Hence, you can pay for a few days for a start.
  • Buy domain separately from the hosting otherwise hoster will have rights on it and you will not be able to port it. We don’t impose any such restrictions in Inspiredsite hosting.

Advices About The Choice Of Hosting For Advanced Users

What functional and technical characteristics should you consider during the selection of hosting for the site?

  • Interface of control panel. It is important point for many customers. Good hosting should have friendly, modern interface, which will be intuitively understandable for every customer.
  • Backups. Any hosting has to do backups every day, but not anyone do them on the fact. The important thing is convenience of backups’ usage. Different situations happen, when they can be only renewed but not downloaded. You can check it with the help of test period.
  • A number of sites and databases, the usage of subdomains. If your plan consists of several sites’ allocation on hosting or your site will be located on the some subdomains, you should clarify about all types of restrictions.
  • Loading of files on hosting. Good hosting has at least three variants for loading of files on server: FTP, SSH and web-interface (file manager).
  • Pre-installed content management systems. If you only plan to create the blog, it will be comfortable to use the hosting with pre-installed WordPress.
  • The volume of disk space. It will be enough of 100 MB for starting WordPress blog. However, your blog will grow with every day and place on the hosting will be filled in new pictures and files. Obviously, it depends on the economy of the place. Hence, it is quite enough of 1000 MB for any user. Take into account that you also have to make the backup of current version of site. It is saved in the root directory of site and you will not make it if the size of backup is equal to the size of the site itself.
  • Load on server. Traffic may be unlimited but load on server is considered as compulsory in such case. Load on server reflects time, which server spends on processing of php-scripts. It depends on traffic and functional of site.
  • Uptime of server. It is the time of continuous work of site, which is measured in percents. 99, 99 percent mean that server did not work 50 minutes in a year. Closer this measure is, better it will be.
  • Load of the channel and server. Channel is speed, which server uses for data exchange with the visitor of the site. Servers are the speed of site scripts’ performance.
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