Ways in Which CloudFlare Will Improve your Website or Blog

Ways in Which CloudFlare Will Improve your Website or Blog

If you are new to the term CloudFlare, this guide is for you. Even if you have less or no technical skills, you can make the most out of this article. So, let us get started with this detailed tutorial and learn about Cloudflare.

What is Cloudflare and how does it work?

If you do not have CloudFlare support added to your website you may have to pay extra for all the extra visits to your websites. But InspiredSite facilitates you with Cloudflare support feature. To explain Cloudflare, let’s first understand how the Internet works. Let’s say there is a website a xyz.com hosted on InspiredSite with I.P “”. Now, when you type xyz.com in your browser, your browser sends a request to DNS and gets the result “”, and that’s how you can access the site. When you set up CloudFlare, you add Cloudflare Name-server to your domain. Now, Cloudflare starts removing (bad bots, hack attempts, DDOS attack) all the trash requests coming to your website. There are few more things involved in between, but in short, all the traffic which comes to your site goes through Cloudflare, and it blocks any spam or illegal access, thus protecting your website at all times.

Best thing is, when you add Cloudflare to your website, nothing in terms of technology changes. Only the traffic coming to your website gets filtered. Here is an image which explains what happens with and without Cloudflare:


Cloudflare is free to use and you can always upgrade to paid plans (as and when you require). Here, are the benefits of using Cloudflare which should compel you to use it the right away.

Benefits of using Cloudflare to manage your DNS

Cloudflare filters out most of the spam attacks at the Name-server level, and such requests don’t even hit your server. It protects your website from DDOS attack, SQL injection, and comment spam. This provides a secure environment for your website.

Earlier, readers were unable to access the site after using Cloudflare. Well, that is because they might have chosen the security level to be medium or high. We would recommend you to keep it low to ensure visitors from all part of the world can access the site.

Free CDN: One significant benefit of CloudFlare is free CDN. It’s easy to integrate, and it doesn’t change your image URL or show URL such as cdn.domain.com. You will never face any performance or SEO related issues. Remember to keep your every website Cloudflare CDN enabled. Cloudflare caches your static file (CSS, JS, Images) and serves it from the nearest location. In this Network map, you can see where all CloudFlare servers are.

Using Cloudflare CDN will increase your site performance by almost 50% and also help your site load a lot faster. Also it will reduce your bills up to a great extent.

When you are making any theme changes on your site (when Cloudflare is enabled), you need to purge Cloudflare cache under settings and enable the Development mode. InspiredSite users can use free Cloudflare plugin, using it you can remove cache manually, or it automatically purges cache when you publish a new blog post.

Setting up Cloudflare may sound a bit technical initially, but it’s fairly simple. Moreover, it works perfectly with any cache plugin which you have enabled on your blog. Make sure you check your website’s loading time before and after setting up Cloudflare to see the performance difference yourself. Believe us, we are always there to help you, we always try to provide you each and every facility possible.

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