How Managed Hosting Helps Your E-Commerce Site?

How managed hosting helps your e-commerce site?

Managed Hosting is one of the numerous ways available to host your website. The hosting kind differs according to your business size, needs, and policies. When you find your hosting is difficult, you sublet to a third party client to host your web site for you. That is what we call as managed hosting. In this blog, we will see how manged hosting helps you to have a good, safe and secure e-commerce website.

Managed Hosting

When you host your website on the web host service providers server then it is called managed hosting where you will get assistance for dedicated servers, VPS or cloud networks. You give them full administration rights for hardware, operating systems, and system software. They will do all the web hosting service for you such as:

  • web host setting up
  • configuring hardware
  • installing and configuring software
  • undertaking system maintenance,
  • monitoring the system
  • updates and patching,
  • 24/7 customer and technical support.
  • backups,
  • load balancing,
  • disaster recovery,
  • vulnerability scans,
  • intrusion detection,
  • DDoS (distributed denial of service) prevention
  • mitigation of attacks

Managed Hosting and E-Commerce Sites

Services provided by web host service providers are:

Infrastructure Management- The web service provider will take care of your infrastructure. One of such infrastructure management is cloud infrastructure management where the client’s website is hosted in a hired cloud.

OS management and monitoring– The web service provider will mange and monitor your OS, updates and maintains.

Application management – In an application’s life cycle, the web service provider or web host will take care of operation, maintenance, versioning and upgrading.

With all these benefits, it adds more preventive measures to the eCommerce website, improves the site loading speed, makes your website available for your customers, secured transactions, and reduced maintenance cost.

Managed hosting is best fit for:

  • Small and medium sized businesses
  • Transparent and consistent IT budget
  • No time for server configuration
  • Fully focused on business development
  • Infrastructure outsource

Benefits of managed hosting:

This kind of hosting has various benefits and few of it are:

  • You website’s environment is always updated
  • Speed optimization and performance is taken care by the service provider
  • backups are of high priority
  • It is well secured
  • Infrastructure and maintenance is service provider’s responsibility

It has a few set backs too like:

  • Costly
  • Your accessibility and control is less
  • The data security levels are always based on client’s needs and package
  • Limited flexibility
  • Data is not available all the time

Thus manged hosting is beneficial for many eCommerce purposes but the actual need of the site and the preferences are based on your business needs and budget.

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