3 Reasons Why You Must Have a Mobile Friendly Website?

3 Reasons Why You Must Have a Mobile Friendly Website?

Mobile Friendly sites are as important as having a website for your businesses. Reports say 61 % of the customers are likely to avoid a site that is not mobile friendly. 40% of the 61% end up buying a competitor product. This article is emphasizing the three main reasons of why you must have a mobile friendly website.

Reason 1: Mobile friendly sites brings you business

A customer is likely to close a website hat takes more than 3 seconds to load. And moreover, not everyone uses laptop pr desktop to search for a help that is needed. Businesses must understated that mobile pones are the easy, flexible and affordable way to reach the customer’s heart.

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Reason 2: User experience is amiable in mobile phones

Users like to experiment with your site. The customer journey in buying your service or product must be engaging. Let your customer explore and adventure your site. Give all the necessary data to your customer in your site and keep it at each.

It avoids unnecessary loss of customer and business. Mobile responsive sites are easy to load and adapt to any type of screen with touch and drag properties.

Reason 3: Competitiveness

It increases the competitiveness among businesses. As mobile phones are easy and cost effective method of advertising, businesses swoop into the opportunity. It builds trust within your target audience.

There are more and more reasons to choose a mobile friendly website. You have no option to choose a responsive site. Because every 1 second delay in website performance affects 7% of visitors to your site. Build your site mobile responsive and grow your business.

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