How to Solve "failed to open session lockfile: FILE=/var/cpanel/sessions/raw/"

This tutorial may help you to solve this problem if you face this type of errors while logging into WHM.

failed to open session lockfile: FILE=/var/cpanel/sessions/raw/

Internal Server Error
failed to open session lockfile: FILE=/var/cpanel/sessions/raw/:xxx_xxx_xxx.lock, No such file or directory at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/ line xxx.

If your error is similar to the above one, then

Run the following Commands Via SSH

1. df -i

By running the above command, if it shows 100% innode full then most likely your problem is going to be solved. The above command shows the usage of innode space.

2. cd /var/spool;rm -rf exim

The above command deleted the Exim (mail server) files, Assuming this is the problem for this issue. After running the above command, lot of space should be cleared.

3. df -i

Run the above command again to check free space again, most likely your problem will be solved.
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