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Inspired Site offers fast and affordable domain name registration with instant activation and dedicated live support.

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Our live customer support team is available at all hours of the day. We've made our domain name search and registration as simple as possible, but everyone needs a helping hand now and then. Simply contact us and we will gladly assist you.

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Inspired Site is a web host and domain registrar that has earned the trust of millions of people all over the world. Our team makes sure your account is set up instantly and you're in control from the get-go. You'll be able to manage your campaign, view your results, and make changes on the fly.

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After using our domain search to select the ideal domain for your website, register it and begin developing your website. Every stage of the process will be explained to you by Hostinger; it simply takes a few clicks and no technological expertise is needed.

The Most Popular Domain Names are The Best for You


Domain with ‘.com’ extension.



Domain with ‘.net’ extension.



Domain with ‘.org’ extension.



Domain with ‘.us’ extension.



Domain with ‘.in’ extension.



Domain with ‘.site’ extension.



Domain with ‘.online’ extension.



Domain with ‘.xyz’ extension.


Tips for Finding the Perfect Domain Name

It is important to have domain names to help potential visitors find your site


Keep It Short

The best domain names are under three words, while there is no minimum length requirement. Longer domain names are more difficult to read and won’t be as memorable.


Less Is More

Keep your domain name free of hyphens, digits, slang, and terms that are simple to misspell. These many components will make it considerably more difficult to remember and access your website address.


Act Fast

The best website names are quickly taken. Don’t miss out on your dream name – use our free tool to do a domain name search and complete the domain registration process in minutes.


Search Domain Availability

Check domain availability to make sure the name you want isn’t already taken before deciding on it. It’s a good idea to confirm that the name hasn’t already been trademarked by another organisation.


Think Locally

Although ‘.com’ domains are popular, you might wish to purchase a country-specific domain like ‘.us’ or ‘.in’ if you are targeting a specific nation.


Include Your Brand Name

Your brand name or the relevant target keywords for your specialisation should be included in the domain name of your website or online store. Better brand awareness and more visitors will come from a search result with a keyword in the site name.